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# Clinic Phaselis

Quality Meets Aesthetics

  • Combining our expertise and experience in cosmetic surgery and patient care with our spectacular services, we deliver a wide variety of procedures to address any cosmetic concerns you may have.
  • Our aim is to provide you an exceptional medical service by introducing you to our experienced board-certified surgeons and medical team.
  • Our medical team provides a specific treatment plan personalized and totally tailored to your unique needs. With us, you will feel the difference of receiving an exceptional health care management from A to Z.
  • We understand your concerns about having a procedure abroad therefore we are here with you throughout the entire process providing support 24/7.
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Enhance Your Beauty with a Genuine Touch

# Why Choose Us

We never leave health to chance.

We work with board certified surgeons who are compassionate and friendly in order to achieve the finest results. They will gladly spend time with you to determine the best ways to enhance your most attractive features. We designed a 'Zero-Risk-Model' to ensure that any complication be avoided at all costs. Every step and every decision made by you or your surgeons are documented in a Unique Patient Surgery File. ‍

We concentrated on medical expertise and invested in delivering the best care to our patients throughout their journey. We offer quality at an affordable and accessible price.

We devised a Zero-Risk-Model to eliminate the possibility of complications by carefully preparing and carrying out each phase of your surgery plan. A unique Patient Surgery File is formed to document every detail; such as your blood results, consultations, anesthesia as well as the decisions you and your doctor make to achieve your goals, outlining your tailored schedule. You have regular check-ins with our medical team and have priority access to our support lines. Before your operation, a team comprised of your internal medicine specialist, anesthesiologist, and plastic surgeon evaluate and create a precise surgery road map


Unique treatment plan specifically tailored for you

Surgeons with extensive experience and expertise in their fields who are mostly internationally accredited

Accredited chain hospitals with international standards

24/7 private nurse assistance throughout your medical journey

Medical support throughout your recovery after you leave via your consultant and surgeon

Accommodation at hotels designed for your recovery

What We Ofer?

  • Clinic Phaselis aims to maintain the boutique and premium practice model for every patient. All our patients are exclusive and they all receive an exclusive service with affordable prices.