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Clinic Phaselis

About Us

Clinic Phaselis is a medical tourism and medical consulting company that offers quality and excellence in aesthetic surgery with reliability and safety.

Our clinic based in Antalya that takes its name from the ancient Roman city of Phaselis.

With our surgeons, anesthesia team, nurses, and patient coordinators, we are here for your greatest surgical experience abroad, beyond your imaginations. We present you with an excellent surgery service, providing an intimate and comfortable environment within this heavenly city.

Clinic Phaselis is a global team dedicated to serving your healthcare needs 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Our medical staff designs a treatment protocol that is totally tailored to your specific needs.

We focus on our patient’s needs in order to provide the most exceptional service.

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Our Mission

  • Affordable Excellence, Unveiling Your Potential:
    Clinic Phaselis is on a dedicated mission to make the journey towards one's dream body both accessible and exceptional. We offer a comprehensive range of cosmetic procedures, including plastic surgeries, bariatric surgeries, dental treatments, and more, all delivered with artistry and precision. Through our commitment to affordable pricing, unparalleled aftercare, and unwavering support, we guide our patients towards the epitome of their aspirations.

Our Vision

  • Empowering Dreams, Enhancing Lives:
    Our vision at Clinic Phaselis is to be the catalyst in transforming aspirations into realities. We envision a world where individuals confidently embrace their desired appearances, and we stand as the gateway to a life imbued with self-assurance and joy.

Our Promise

  • We guarantee that we deliver the best and safest results. We promise a surgery journey without complications and a rapid recovery process. We guarantee that you will not have to pay any additional fees. You are 100% under the Clinic Phaselis’s insurance.
    Our priority is to make your dreams come true.
    Clinic Phaselis aims to maintain the boutique and premium practice model for every patient. All our patients are exclusive and they all receive an exclusive service with affordable prices.
    We are performing our operations in Antalya, one of the most popular cities in Turkey, the pearl of the Mediterranean.

Our Story

Clinic Phaselis is founded by two successful doctors who idealized creating a brand-new clinic providing medical services on plastic surgery, dental treatments, bariatric surgery and hair transplant.

Being a respected Internal Medicine Specialist and a Respected Oncologist, they served as a consultant to numerous surgeries.

Working in the field more than 10 years, managing thousands of patients enabled them to witness the obstacles of the patients face while visiting a country for a surgery abroad.

Observing shifts in demand they gathered significant information from the heart of the medical tourism field.

They realized that for an excellent experience, precise pre-surgical evaluation and an outstanding patient-care is needed along with an experienced surgeon and team.

We, as Clinic Phaselis, developed a ‘Medical Excellence Model’ to overcome these obstacles, which fulfills these demands, placing the patient in the core of the system and making the patient their only priority.

Our strongest objective is to give the best results and surgery experience with the best patient care.